My name is Thilde Jensen, and I am a Danish fur and fashion designer, born in Copenhagen 1972. Since my graduation from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 I have worked in both fashion & theatre.

I am very fond of fur, and have had the pleasure of doing several creative projects for Saga Furs, one of the worlds most superior fur labels.


My primary focus in my job is to always seek new and innovative technical solutions, and to create beautiful and long lasting garments. I feel obliged to work with genuine and natural materials, for looks, comfort and sustainability. I like to add a raw touch to a poetic feeling, and to give the classics a twist.


Privately I live in a small town between Horsens and Århus in the Eastern parts of the beautiful Jutland peninsula. I work with mediation as a consistent guide in my life, and spend my free time as a part of a spiritual community. I also swim, read, and mix a really good occasional cocktail!

Press & Editorial

Press & Editorial

Below you will find a selection of press and editorial, mostly from my days as

an independent designer, pushing my own label, and from some of the awards

I have been privileged to receive as a designer.

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